Human Trafficking Awareness

Current messages that I have prepared that raise awareness and educate on the topic of Human Trafficking are summarized below. 


*The House that Porn Built – Society today has fallen for the lie that porn is harmless entertainment. The truth is – pornography is found to be a major part of the foundation of human trafficking. Many times women and children are forced into pornography. Human Trafficking is very much a supply and demand issue. The popularity of porn entertainment raises the demand. Find what you can do to help.

sombodysdaughters*Somebody’s Daughters – Who are these victims? Where do they come from? My thoughts were haunted by the blank depths that were found in the eyes of those I have crossed paths with. Their eyes are a black hole – as if no life lay behind them. The longer they live the life (if you can call it that) they do, they withdraw everything of who they are within, becoming more and more distant. Survival is the goal, but even then, there are so many days death seems better.Broken. Weary. Violated. Trapped. And these are somebody’s daughters! Perhaps they once knew a loving family and had friends? Maybe they had a job or went to school? Maybe they had a hard life and then it hit even harder. Promises broken. Dreams shattered. Life as they knew it – Gone. Branded. Sold. A stranger’s pleasure – yet, she’s somebody’s daughter.



Dance Presentations to Raise Awareness:

Beautiful Slave by Take No Glory

Damaged by Plumb 




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