The Wonder of Jesus

Not too long ago I read a book called “The Day I Met Jesus: The Revealing Diaries of Five Women from the Gospels.”  by Frank Viola and Mary DeMuth. I was captivated from the start by the masterfully written narratives (penned by DeMuth) and by the teaching that offered context and keys (by Viola). When I finished reading it, I had so many thoughts, but there is one line I read that still hasn’t gotten away from me. It was in the chapter “Diary of a Prostitute Who Loved Much” based on Luke 7:36-50. That line simply read:

Was no one else moved by the wonder of Jesus?

Luke 7:36-50 details the story of the woman with the alabaster jar. The scene could not have been set more beautifully.

This woman did a most humble and beautiful thing and was ridiculed for it. She poured out her livelihood on the feet of Jesus, washed his feet with her tears and dried them with her hair.

This sinful woman gave it all. I can almost smell the fragrance that must have swept the room when she performed this most scandalous act of anointing Jesus’s feet. She was judged and ridiculed by the audience about her, but she didn’t care. She was moved by the wonder of Jesus.

As I sit here, I wonder how different the church would be if we were more like this woman and less like the on-looking Pharisees and religious people. What if we were moved by the wonder of Jesus?

And as I consider that question, I think about all He has done, all He is, and all He will do. When I consider these things, how can I not be moved?

Lord, let me forever live in the wonder of You and never let me cease to be moved by the beauty of your holiness. 


About Brittany Lee Ketter

I am a writer, speaker and abolitionist who is passionately in love with Jesus. I carry the purpose God placed on my life to bring the broken to restoration and to a recognition of redemption, and also to raise up a generation of women who are healed, healthy and wholeheartedly devoted to God and to His plans and purposes for their lives.
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