Who Measures Up?

I stood against the measuring stick as tall as I could and was disappointed to find that I was still too short. I came to this amusement park every year only to find that I was still too short to ride what looked to be the best ride in the park, a rollercoaster called the Wild Mouse. It was fast with sharp curves and dips, and it slammed you around the whole ride.

Does this sound like fun? Well it did when I was six. However, once again, I didn’t measure up to the requirements.

The only requirement—”You must be this tall to ride.” Well, I was not “this tall.” In fact, I came up quite short. The “shortness factor” would get me a lot in life—and I’m not just talking about my height.

The next year, I was finally tall enough—barely that is. (I may have stood on my tippy toes just a bit.) After waiting in that line for what seemed like an eternity, I sat myself in the seat with my Nana and brother and waited with anticipation for what was to come.

We started moving—up, up, up we went. The car stopped at the top for a few seconds, and I held my breath in anticipation; then all of a sudden, we whipped around a tight left bend and then another, followed by a tight right and a drop, only to go up again and twist sharply. I recall hitting my head on the side of the rollercoaster car several times on those turns as I was too small to really stay in place. In spite of that fact, I loved it. I wanted to ride again. It did beat me up a little, but I finally “measured up” to the requirements.

This is how our world is today.

We see others doing what we want to do ourselves, but we come up too short. We don’t “measure up.” Society today is like that rollercoaster. If we stand tall and just barely reach the mark to ride, we might get whipped around a bit and beat up along the way. Is finally making it what keeps us holding on for our dear lives?

There are so many times where we can feel inadequate and like we don’t measure up. There may be times where you feel like you can’t do the work that you are called to do, or that you know someone who you believe would be better at it. But the Word of God says:

“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness” (2 Cor. 12:9).

God equips the called. When He calls you to speak, He will give you the words. When He calls you to stand up, He will give you the strength to stand. When He calls you to give, He will provide. When He calls, step out in faith. Where we are weak, He is strong.

So even when we feel that we do not measure up to what the world says, glory can be given to God, because where we feel inadequate, there He is to make us complete.

I encourage you to keep your head high, because we don’t have to measure up by the world’s standards when our God is beyond measure!

About Brittany Lee Ketter

I am a writer, speaker and abolitionist who is passionately in love with Jesus. I carry the purpose God placed on my life to bring the broken to restoration and to a recognition of redemption, and also to raise up a generation of women who are healed, healthy and wholeheartedly devoted to God and to His plans and purposes for their lives.
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