Freedom Friday: Name or Number?

How would you feel if your name were taken away from you and you were assigned a number? From here on out you will be called by that number.

In an instant, just like that your identity is taken from you.

When you hear someone’s name, there are characteristics and associations that come to mind – good or bad.

For example, if I said James Patterson you may attach the label “author” to his name.

If I said Hitler, you may think “dictator”.

If I said Mother Teresa, you may think “selfless” or “hope” or “saint” or something like that.

What do people think of when they hear your name?

And what If you were reduced to a number? — This happens to hundreds every week! Their identity is stripped from them as their name is taken and they are branded with a number and put into the sex-trafficking. Everything is stripped from them.

In the time it has taken you to read this post 4 children have been taken for the purpose of sexual exploitation and profit.

No effort is wasted. YOU can make a difference to change these statistics. Stick around to find out ways that you can fight human trafficking.

About Brittany Lee Ketter

I am a writer, speaker and abolitionist who is passionately in love with Jesus. I carry the purpose God placed on my life to bring the broken to restoration and to a recognition of redemption, and also to raise up a generation of women who are healed, healthy and wholeheartedly devoted to God and to His plans and purposes for their lives.
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