…And in His temple everyone says, “Glory!” Psalm 29:9 NKJV

I love reading through the Psalms. The last few weeks, Psalm 29 has really been speaking to me. So much of it declares who God is and speaks of His power and majesty. The imagery could take your breath away.



2 Give unto the Lord the glory due to His name;
Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness.

3 The voice of the Lord is over the waters;

The God of glory thunders;

The Lord is over many waters.

4 The voice of the Lord is powerful;

The voice of the Lord is full of majesty. – Psalm 29:2-4 NKJV

Can you see the fierce beauty described in this passage? And verse two – to know the beauty of his holiness! As the passage continues it focuses on two main things: God’s holiness and his majesty. The word used for  “majesty” in Hebrew is hadar [Strongs H1926] which can also mean glory and honor.

As the passage continues it says in verse 9, “in His temple everyone says ‘Glory!'” 

That right there is the response to recognizing who God is and seeing His beauty, holiness, and majesty. The last two verses you will not want to miss:

10 The Lord sat enthroned at the Flood,
And the Lord sits as King forever.
11 The Lord will give strength to His people;
The Lord will bless His people with peace.

Once again, the psalm boasts of the Lord’s omnipotence, then it states what He gives – strength and peace.

When you recognize who God is, when you see Him in the beauty of His holiness, it transforms you. To see Him, to know Him, leaves me awestruck. What is it about Him that brings you to a place where your only heart-response is “GLORY!”?


I love to be in His presence. But the presence is only a prelude to the glory. Don’t think you’ve arrived. Even having tasted, there is a cry in my heart for His glory. I am tired of just living life. I want to experience the fullness of living in the glory. I want to know Him more.

Is this the cry of your heart? Do you want to know the beauty of His holiness?

What leaves you awestruck about Him?

What about our Holy and Majestic and Glorious God calls for you to respond, “GLORY!”?

It is a humbling place to be, and a beautiful place to reside. In this place He gives strength and peace – this is the fruit of being confident in who He is. Do you know Him?

About Brittany Lee Ketter

I am a writer, speaker and abolitionist who is passionately in love with Jesus. I carry the purpose God placed on my life to bring the broken to restoration and to a recognition of redemption, and also to raise up a generation of women who are healed, healthy and wholeheartedly devoted to God and to His plans and purposes for their lives.
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3 Responses to Glory!

  1. Joni L Abel says:

    I am always awestruck by God’s attention to detail. Not only did He create the most basic elements like hydrogen and oxygen, but He made a way for them to combine and make something so simple, yet necessary, for life–water. Think about it: in its liquid form it sustains our life, cleanses us and provides refreshment. In its gaseous state (steam), it provides warmth and energy. As a solid (ice), it preserves our food, makes our drinks cold, provides the beauty of a freshly fallen snow and offers entertainment as we sled down a hill or skate on a pond or, in my case, fall on my posterior on the pond! 😀 And all of this from two of the most basic elemnets on the planet in the various forms of H2O! God truly is in the details! And that, my dear, leaves me AWESTRUCK!

    • I love it! God is so good! What you are saying reminds me of something I wrote a few years back as I was studying in John. I believe it was chapter 11 and towards the end so like verse 40-42ish area where Jesus calls Lazarus from his tomb…and I just made a note of how that was done and it showed the characteristic of FIERCE INTENTION. God is intentional. There are no mistakes. Got to love God in the details! 🙂 Thank you for sharing such a beautiful response!

  2. Carole Lee says:

    Oh, how I love the Glory of our God and basking in HIS presence. There is nothing like it and it is only such a small part of the things HE has in store for us. You are so right, there are no mistakes with the Lord and nothing gets by HIM. HE is the author and finisher of our faith. HE is so in the details of our lives. Bless you for these words of encouragement.

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